Tim says he has been at odds with his mom, Kathy, for the last seven years. The 35-year-old says after an altercation with his mom, she called the police, and he was arrested and convicted of misdemeanor domestic battery. He says that because of his arrest, his life has been ruined – and it’s his mom’s fault.

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In the video above from Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Tim describes the night he was arrested and explains how he believes his mom "blew up" the situation.

“I knew she was going to start nagging me and back and forth, and I’m just sitting in my chair,” he claims. “I don’t understand why she insisted on nagging and nagging. It’s just, it’s not even nagging at that point. It’s harassment. It’s provocation, and that is what confuses me a lot about this.”

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Hear more of what happened in the video above and on Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil. Can mother and son find a common ground to rebuild their relationship? Check here to see where you can watch.

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