“My mother is controlling, manipulative and misguided,” says Tim. “Throughout my late teens, early 20s, she’d open my door, start nagging me. ‘You need to get up, get a job.’ I had a job.”

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Tim’s mom, Kathy, says that at 27-years-old, she believed her son should be able to take care of himself and be able to live on his own, not with her as he was. “Tim felt like I owed him something. He once made a statement to me that because I had a child, I should be supporting him for the rest of his life,” Kathy says.

Kathy, who says she took on a second job to pay back Tim’s student loans, claims that when she found drug paraphernalia in his room, it was the last straw and served him with an eviction notice. That’s when mother and son say things escalated, ending in the police being called.

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“I was charged with domestic battery, interference with a 911 call, and I was charged with destruction of property,” Tim says, adding that he can't move on with his life until these charges are removed from his record. “Until my mom fixes this, there’s no way I can have a relationship with her.”

In the video above, hear about their altercation. And on Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, mother and son see each other for the first time in two years. Will they heal their relationship and move on? Check here to see where you can watch.

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35-Year-Old Explains What Led To Arrest And Conviction Of Domestic Battery – And Why It Should Have Never Happened