Kris says he’s been chasing his dream to be a rock star for 30 years and will stop at nothing to become famous.

“I’m addicted to fame. I’m addicted to wanting to be somebody,” says Kris on Friday’s Dr. Phil. “That feeling that you get when you perform, the adulation, it’s like no other.”

However, the 43-year-old admits that the pursuit of his dreams has cost him everything, including his relationship with his mom and stepdad, and his teenage daughter. His parents claim to have given him a-half-million dollars, built a state-of-the-art studio in their home, bought him multiple guitars and a drum set worth more than $30,000 – but they say nothing has helped him achieve success.

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“I’m arena ready. Unfortunately, I’m playing at the local gas station while people fill up,” Kris says.

He says he’s also sacrificed his relationship with his fiancée of three years.

“Christine gave me an ultimatum: change my career or lose her,” says Kris, who chose living out his rock star fantasy over his engagement with Christine.

“Rock star Kris is driven by the 15-year-old who has his pedal to the metal, laser all the way down, he’s in charge. Forty-three-year-old Kris loves this woman, has children and dogs and likes to snow blow the driveway,” Kris says. “I guess what I want to know, is it time to give up the dream?”

In the video above, Kris tells Dr. Phil how he envisions his “rock star” life. Is he ready to face reality?

On Friday’s show, Kris’ rock idol, Gene Simmons from KISS, makes a surprise appearance to help set Kris straight. Watch more here.