Ladies, beware of the “Mancession.”

Comedy writer Sonja Warfield, author of the book “Get Your Butt Off My Couch (And Your Hand Out Of My Wallet),” says lazy men mooching off of hard-working women is becoming an all-too popular trend.

“There’s a real epidemic going on,” Sonja tells Dr. Phil of what her phrase “Mancession” means. “Women are becoming breadwinners and the men, they’re not stepping up and they’re not stepping up at home either.

“I think men are becoming too comfortable,” she adds.

In effort to help women avoid underachieving men, Sonja says watch out for these five warning signs:

  • He asks to move in with you too soon.
  • He is a dreamer. All talk and NO action.
  • He likes the word ‘FREE’ when it comes to dating.
  • He is happy for YOU to buy your own engagement ring.
  • He HATES his job IF he has one.
“I mean, if you have to buy your own engagement ring, then you are proposing to yourself and marrying yourself, honestly,” Sonja says.

Watch the video above as Robin jokingly "calls out" Dr. Phil for something he did on their honeymoon, that just might fall into one of Sonja’s categories!