Karen came to Dr. Phil asking for help, claiming she was being followed, and that someone had even implanted microchips in her eyebrows to track her every move.

However, as Dr. Phil learned, Karen had been using meth amphetamines and drinking alcohol, which as he explains, impacts her ability to reason properly.

“It is no wonder that your reason can be distorted,” he adds. “You’ve got a toxic brain right now.”

In the video above, Dr. Phil discusses the six areas of the brain affected by drug and alcohol use:

Nucleus Accumbens: This is an area that is a rewards system. This is what causes you to have the drive to drink. It’s impacted when you do drugs and alcohol.

Hypothalamus: This is where you get thirst and hunger. That is distorted and impacted.

Hippocampus: This is where memory, and recall and blackout is affected.

Cerebral Cortex: Judgement is effected and it lowers your inhibitions.

Cerebellum: This is where you start getting into all kinds of problems with your coordination and things that cause you to not be real steady.

Medulla: This is where you get into your heart rate, your respiration, your consciousness, things that can create problems for you.