“My family may claim I’m a mooch, but I am not a mooch,” says Denise.
The 68-year-old has been living with her parents who are in their 80s for the last 15 years. She says that she doesn’t pay rent but buys groceries, admits that she has stolen money from her mom’s purse a couple of times but insists she always pays it back.

“My family is real concerned about me, but I want them to back off,” Denise says.
Denise’s sister Terri wrote to Dr. Phil with a list of complaints about her. How does Denise respond when Dr. Phil reviews them with her? Watch in the video above.
On  Tuesday's episode, Terri’s family shares their concerns about her alleged behavior. Watch more from “America’s Oldest Moocher?” And, check local listings to see where you can tune in to Dr. Phil.

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WATCH: Woman Claims 68-Year-Old Sister Has Been Mooching Off Elderly Parents For Years