“Virtual kidnapping” is a new trend that is becoming more widespread with the use of technology and cell phones. A person receives a phone call from what appears to be a contact in their cell phone, but on the other end, a scammer says they’ve kidnapped that friend or loved one and attempts to get thousands of dollars in ransom to release the person.

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Andy and his wife, Bridget, say they were recently the victims of “virtual kidnapping” when they received a phone call from what appeared to be their daughter’s cell phone, and a man on the other end threatened that if they didn’t follow his demands, their daughter would be hurt. Watch their story here.

WATCH: Red Flags That You’re Being Targeted By A 'Virtual Kidnapper'

In the video above, Dr. Phil reviews tips to follow if you fear that you’re being scammed by a “virtual kidnapper” looking for ransom money.

And on Thursday’s episode, learn the red flags that you could be the victim of a “virtual kidnapping,” and how these scammers appear to take over someone’s phone. Check here to see where you can watch.

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