Sherry and Todd say their 8-year-old son’s behavior is “out of control.” The exes claim he has stolen money, a credit card and even his grandfather’s car which he crashed. They also say he has violent outbursts and his mother claims he has harmed animals.

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The parents, who admit that they don’t get along, say they disagree on how to discipline their son. Sherry says she’s scared of the boy and believes his behavior is more controlled with medicine; however, Todd disagrees. He says he believes Sherry is looking for a “quick fix” and that his son’s behavior is worse with medicine.

WATCH: Parents Describe What They Call 8-Year-Old Son’s ‘Out-Of-Control’ Behaviors

In the video above, the young boy talks about his life. And, hear why Dr. Phil tells the parents, “I think he’s just in a lot of pain … and I think the parenting that’s going on is dysfunctional.”

Can Sherry and Todd agree on a plan to help their son? Check here to see where you can watch Thursday's episode.

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