Lydia became a viewer favorite when she first appeared, alongside her two daughters, Kim and Lori, on Dr. Phil in the season 18 episode, ‘“Help! I’m Going to Inherit a Messy Mansion, Millions and My Adult Sister.”’

“My mom is a spitfire,” said Kim about her mother at the time. “She’s like a cross between Zsa Zsa Gabor and Lucille Ball.”

Lydia’s husband, Roy, 96, died in the spring of 2021. Lydia, 80, says she misses her husband terribly, but “time is ticking,” and she’s ready to date again.

What does Lydia say she’s looking for in a new mate? Watch the video above to find out. And later, cameras follow Lydia on not one, not two, but three dates - with three potential suitors.

Could any of them be a match?

This episode, “Old, Bold, and Breaking the Mold,” airs Friday. Check your local listing for broadcast schedules.

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