From confronting a gambling problem to tips on how to get your partner to be more romantic ... Dr. Phil and Robin have the answers!



Gambling with Their Future?

Destin thinks gambling is his right since he brings in the money. But his girlfriend, Melissa, says that because of Destin's addiction, they've lost their apartment, her car and their savings.  


What does the future hold for their 15-month-old son?



Is Serving Kiddie Cocktails Wrong?

Holly and her husband, Mike, are up in arms over whether it's OK to give their daughters "kiddie cocktails" such as Shirley Temples. Mike thinks serving virgin drinks promotes underage drinking and alcoholism.


Other no-nos: root beer, seltzer with lime and apple cider in a champagne flute.



"Why Don't I Like Kissing?"

Danette, 20, says kissing is "gross" and she dreads physical affection from guys. Her first relationship ended because of her anxiety. Though she doesn't understand why people like it, she doesn't want to end up alone either.


"It feels uncomfortable, awkward and scary."



"Why Isn't He More Romantic?"

Sara says her boyfriend would be perfect if he would just turn up the heat in the romance department. How did Dr. Phil romance Robin when they were dating?



"I could get her to do anything for an éclair."



Heart of a Woman Award Winner

Dr. Phil and Robin honor a very special woman who has dedicated her life to helping young burn victims and girls with facial or body differences. Her organization, Angel Faces, is a healing retreat touching young women's lives.


Providing a soft place to fall.