Ten million Americans have their identities ripped off every year. Having a stranger steal from you is hard enough, but imagine if the thief were your own flesh and blood! 



Outfoxed at the Office

Identity theft can happen anywhere, even at your job. Dr. Phil wants to see just how easily this fraud occurs, so his staff members do a little snooping around the Dr. Phil offices at night to see what personal information they can find.


You won't believe what they dig up! 



Bad Blood?

Ricky and Ray say their brother, Robin, has been stealing their identities for years. They say Robin has used his older sibling's I.D. to open lines of credit, rent a mobile home, and even attempt to buy a Harley!


"My credit is so shot, I couldn't buy a piece of gum."  



To Catch a Thief

Ricky and Ray want to confront their younger sibling but they haven't seen him in over a year. With the help of private investigator John Weeks, they track Robin down in New Orleans.  


"This is the worst I've ever seen him in my life."



A Compulsive Liar?

Robin is finally convinced to fly to the Dr. Phil show and confront his brothers. Tensions run high when he denies stealing his brother, Ricky's, identity.



Don't miss the explosive showdown onstage!



Robbing Robyn?

Ricky's fiancée, Robyn, worries about taking his last name after the wedding because she doesn't want to be mistaken for his brother, Robin. 



Are her fears justified?