Do you know someone who likes to pass the buck, point fingers and play the blame game, instead of taking responsibility and apologizing? Dr. Phil's guests are ready to confront a loved one who refuses to say they're sorry.



End of Her Rope

Christie says her husband, Vance, owes her an apology for emotionally and physically abusing her, demeaning their kids and cheating on her. Vance says if his wife gave him attention, he wouldn't have to seek it out elsewhere.


"If my husband doesn't apologize, this marriage is over."



New Body, New Woman?

Tammie says she's furious with her husband, Charles, for getting gastric bypass surgery. Now that he's thin, she suspects he's cheating. Charles says he would never cheat and refuses to apologize for saving his own life.


Is Tammie the one who owes Charles an apology?