Prenups, postnups, quitclaims " not the kind of talk you would expect to hear from couples claiming to be in love. Marriage contracts are not only for the rich and famous anymore. More and more spouses are asking each other to sign on the line " sometimes after they've been married for years! In a marriage, is it ever right to say, "What's mine is mine"?



Is He Setting Her Up?

Darlene says her estranged husband, Bobby, is the cheapest, most selfish man. Bobby says he can't trust Darlene, and he will only reconcile if she signs a quitclaim and agrees to relinquish what he says are his assets. Darlene is outraged.


"Darlene and I love each other, but she has no right to my stuff." 



Greedy or Cautious?

Leah says her husband, Gary, wants her to agree in writing that if they divorce, everything they have is his. Leah says she "took care of his ass for 12 years," but Gary says she deserves nothing but her clothes, car and ring.


"I'm the one who sacrificed. I'm the one who cried tears."