Cindy and Randy are caught in a family feud with their ex-daughter-in-law, Michele, that is spiraling out of control. They want Dr. Phil to end the battle once and for all.



Fighting for Their Granddaughter

Cindy and Randy say Michele is an unfit mother, and that their 8-year-old granddaughter is living in danger. Michele says their accusations are all lies!


Who's telling the truth?



Moving Forward

Without Michele onstage, Dr. Phil speaks with Cindy and Randy. What do he and attorney Lauren Lake think of the grandparents' claims against Michele?


"A lot of what you say is so outrageous that it's just non-credible."



Michele's Moment

Dr. Phil goes backstage to speak with Michele, who has escaped to a Dr. Phil dressing room. Without interruption from her ex-in-laws, she shares her side of the story.


Will Michele let Cindy and Randy see their granddaughter again?