Have you ever wanted to shout out at a wedding when you heard, "Speak now or forever hold your peace"? Dr. Phil's guests are at war and want their loved ones to think twice before walking down the aisle.



Soul Mates?

Jessica, 21, says her parents, Ellen and Bruce, refuse to accept her boyfriend, Matt. The couple says Matt is a manipulative drug addict with a criminal past who has physically abused their daughter. 

Should Jessica end her relationship, or should her folks butt out? 



His Side of the Story

Jessica's boyfriend, Matt, vows that he's reformed and wants to make a fresh start. He says he has had his share of bruises ... all in the name of love. 



"I was stomped in the forehead, in the face. I had a cracked rib." 


At Odds over Age

Jerry is 19 and about to say "I do" to his 30-year-old fiancée, Jessica. His siblings say Jessica is an opportunist looking for a father for her two small children. Jerry's twin, James, says Jerry is just confused.


Will Jerry get a wake-up call before the wedding?