The incredible drama continues surrounding Jeffrey, an obsessive husband who won't let go of his wife, Jennifer. See what happens when he goes on the run!



A Mad Dash

After the last show, Jeffrey vents his frustrations. As he and his therapist head back to Creative Care, he jumps out of the car and goes on the run.


Find out what happens next!

On the Move

After Jennifer hears Jeffrey's ultimatum, she rushes home in a panic. When she gets there, she receives the shock of her life. 


"I don't want him to get the kids and take off."

Searching for Safety

Jennifer drives for two days to reach her mom's house. Now in a safe place, why does she say she still lives in fear? And, Jennifer's attorney files papers and meets Jeffrey in court. Will Jeffrey comply with the judge's orders?


"I'm running out of safe places to go."

Recent Developments

Jennifer finally feels safe enough to return home, but will Jeffrey change his ways? After disappearing for two days, where does Jeffrey turn up?


You won't believe where Jeffrey is now! 


See Jennifer's update.