Michelle says that her 9-year-old son, Raymond, has had ten different diagnoses and has been given multiple medications over the years to address his aggressive, sometimes destructive behaviors, but so far, nothing has helped.

Certified Behavioral Analyst Megan St. Clair works with Raymond to help him re-direct his frustrations. When Raymond begins to act out, Megan and her team use clinically approved emergency safety procedures to stop him from hurting himself or others.

“He was given clear behavioral expectations that he just needed to calm down and breathe carefully and not scream or yell or cry,” says Megan. “Once he was doing so, he was able to be released.”

Watch the video above, then tune in to Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “‘My Little 9-Year-Old Terror,’” to find out what Megan and Child and Family Psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy recommend to help Raymond moving forward.

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