Cinderella and Snow White are fables of women with wicked stepmothers, but what happens when your child's life starts to resemble those fairy tales?



Jealous or Justified?

Keri says she's sickened by the way her ex-husband, Ken's, fiancée treats her children. Keri says that Cari buys her kids cheap clothes, and is so strict that Keri's kids become physically ill when they have to go visit.


Is Keri just bitter about Ken's new life, or are her fears founded?



Battle of the Moms

Julie says her 8-year-old son, Erik's, stepmother, Melony, is trying to take over her motherly duties. Melony and her husband, Scott, say they have to intervene because Julie is an unfit mother. 


Hear the shocking allegations leveled against Julie.