Have you ever wondered what goes on with Dr. Phil guests when the show is over? Get a sneak peak backstage after explosive episodes and find out what happens when the guests return home.



Emotions Run Wild

When Mary appeared on the show, she accused her daughter, Audrey, and her son-in-law, Matt, of living in filth and neglecting their children. Audrey and Matt claimed Mary was controlling and manipulative, and that she was undermining their marriage.


When the show ends, the fireworks start.



Still Bullying the Kids?

Shannon turned her husband, Kevin, in to Dr. Phil for being a bully and terrorizing their family with his out-of-control anger. Kevin says raising his voice is the only way the children will listen to him.


Did Kevin put down his fists and open his arms?



A Dramatic Twist

When Elise came to the show, her mother, Heidi, and sister, Aubrey, claimed her partying and binge-drinking were out of control. Aubrey was concerned for Elise's 8-year-old son. She and Heidi hoped Dr. Phil would give Elise the wake-up call she needed.


Did Elise go to rehab and get sober?



Inciting In-Laws?

When Cindy and Randy appeared on the show, they wanted help getting custody of their granddaughter. They said their ex-daughter-in-law, Michele, was an unfit parent. Michele stormed offstage, disgusted by what she was hearing.


Have Cindy, Randy and Michele brokered a peace?



Postnuptial Problems

Leah and Darlene were confronted by their husbands who asked them to sign postnuptial agreements. Both women were outraged by the demand.


Did the women sign on the line?



A Marriage Deal-Breaker?

When Daniel and his fiancée, Debra, came to Dr. Phil for help, Daniel was ready to call off their wedding if she didn't stop asking him, "Do I look fat?"



Did they stay together?



Paranoid Partner?

Terry wanted Dr. Phil to help her partner, Chris, get over his extremely jealous and paranoid ways. She said he would keep track of her 24/7 " monitoring her phone calls, marking her tires and spying on her at work. 


Was Chris able to tame the green-eyed monster?