These women admit they fall short in the mom and wife categories and are freeloading off their loved ones. Their families say they are fed up with having to do it all and/or pay for it all!



Rich Man's Wife?

Keya is a stay-at-home mom who spends 18 hours a day in bed, while her husband, Tyrone, waits on her hand and foot. Keya calls herself a "rich man's wife," but Tyrone says he's not rich at all, and he's tired of feeling like her maid. 


Keya hasn't mopped a floor in eight years. Dr. Phil has a surprise!



Piggy Bank Robber?

Tara and Nick say their mom, Rita, is an unemployed moocher who lives in her van, has taken money from her grandchild's piggy bank and has put IOUs in Christmas cards. Rita says she just can't find the perfect job.


"Just about every day my mom asks for money."



Family Legacy

Misty and Tory say their mooching mom, Debra, has a job, but she still guilts them into signing for her loans, paying her bills and giving her cash. With their credit ruined, they fear they may end up on the street.


Are they following in their mother's footsteps?