Imagine if the woman who was supposed to love and protect you wasn't there to tuck you in at night, put a bandage on your knee, or help you with your homework. Imagine if instead she were living a life behind bars.


Growing Up without a Mother
Dr. Phil introduces six beautiful children whose lives were torn apart when their mom, Angela, was sent to prison not once, but twice. Find out what life is like for two teens fulfilling the role of mother and sister to their younger siblings.


"Are you going to tell her the truth when you see her?"



Life behind Bars
Dr. Phil goes inside Valley State Prison for Women, which houses nearly 4,000 female prisoners, 85 percent of whom are mothers. Dr. Phil sits down one-on-one with Angela, and asks some tough questions.


Join Dr. Phil as he goes inside a prison cell.



An Unusual Family Reunion
Three of Angela's six children have not seen her since she was incarcerated – over two years ago. Be there for their tearful reunion and find out whether her estranged daughter, Jasmine, gets real with her mother.

 "I know you're mad at me because you won't even look at me."