Exploding anger, brutal attacks, death threats ... sounds like the behavior of a hardened criminal. But what happens when these violent rages come from your own child? Dr. Phil's guests are parents who say they cannot control their child's dangerous behavior and are afraid for their lives.



Ticking Time Bomb?

Kevin and Jean say their 10-year-old son, Cole, yells, hits, screams and destroys things when he's in a rage, and his out-of-control meltdowns are taking over the household. Jean even fears Cole may kill her while she sleeps.


"I think Cole could grow up to be a serial killer."



Terrorizing Twin

Ryan and Rebecca say their 6-year-old son, Sam's, temper tantrums are so violent they fear for the safety of everyone near him. He scratches and bites, and has threatened to kill his twin brother with a knife and burn their house down.


Is Sam dangerous or just a master manipulator?