Are you stuggling to keep the peace in your extended family? These women say their mothers-in-law are "just plain evil" and out to destroy their marriages. But the mothers-in-law are turning the tables and saying the real problem is the new woman in their family. 



Mother-in-Law Madness

Cindy says she began having second thoughts about marrying Jeremy when, on their wedding day, his mother, Janet, began talking about her son's active sex life with a former flame. 


"I was outraged. How could she say that to me?"



The Ex Weighs In

Janet says Cindy is the malicious one, turning her son against her and cutting off all contact. Jeremy's ex-fiancée, Kayti, meets Cindy for the first time and shares her experiences with Janet.



Can Cindy and Janet take a step back and find a middle ground?



Who's the Matriarch?

Vivian says her mother-in-law, Phyllis, is so evil, she takes pride in people thinking she's having an affair with her own son. Phyllis says Vivian is a master manipulator who has kept her from seeing her grandchildren.  


"I am the matriarch, not her."



The Other In-Law 

Vivian's sister-in-law, Carrie, shares her experiences after being in the family four years. Carrie's and Vivian's stories share surprising similarities.


What can Timothy and Vivian do to protect their family unit?