An ex can wreak so much havoc in your life that you wonder how the two of you could have ever been in love. Even worse, if you have a child together, a former flame you hoped was history can be an ever-present nightmare. Dr. Phil takes account of the Ex Factor. 



Abuse Allegations

Louise says she broke up with Mike two months ago because he's choked her, thrown chairs at her and has even threatened to throw their infant son over a fence. Mike says anger runs in his family, and he wants a second chance. 


"When I fight with Mike, he retaliates by stealing my dad's ashes."



Another Ex Enters the Picture

Shannon is another of Mike's exes and also the mother to his daughter. Shannon wants Louise to know just how cruel he can be. She says she has to have sex with him in order to see her little girl. Mike says Shannon is a "two-faced lying bitch." 


Whom does Louise believe?



Tumultuous Triangle

As Louise, Mike and Shannon struggle to get along, Dr. Phil's biggest concern is for their children. Can they put their kids' interests above their own and become amicable co-parents?   



Dr. Phil has a plan.