Jerry has been out of his daughter, Kayla's, life for 17 years, by choice. He went on the run, avoided paying child support, and now lives as a hobo floating down the Mississippi River on a raft. Kayla had no contact with Jerry until a couple of filmmakers decided to make a documentary about his life. The film is called Nobody, and Kayla says it actually glorifies her deadbeat dad.



Drifter Dad
Kayla comes to Dr. Phil for help in confronting the man who left her when she was just three years old. Find out why Jerry left in the first place and why Kayla blames him for a family tragedy that happened while he was away.


"He would take his check and just blow it."



A Complex Reunion

After 17 years apart, Kayla and her father come face to face. Emotions run high as Kayla gets the chance she's been waiting for to tell her father what she thinks of his life choices.
Is Jerry's partying to blame for his family's loss? 



A Real Nobody
Jerry had remained in hiding until a couple of producers made a documentary about his life, called Nobody. Find out why these filmmakers pursued Jerry's story and why they feel their portrayal is fair. Plus, Kayla has some final words for her father.

Can Kayla let go of her anger and move on?



Faces of the Homeless

"Maybe you're searching for someone who may be living homeless like Jerry," says Dr. Phil. "Here are some of the faces of people living like Jerry."



See if you recognize someone.