Are you the kind of neighbor who loans a cup of sugar and always waves hello, or do you keep to yourself and call the cops the minute you hear loud music? Dr. Phil talks to guests who say they definitely don't live in Mr. Roger's neighborhood!



No Longer Peaceful Pines?
Kerry says her neighbor, Kevin, has vandalized her home and even tried to run her over, all because she refused to go on a date with him. Kevin says she threw dog feces at his house and shot a BB gun through his bathroom window.


"Kerry pointed a gun at me."



There Goes the Neighborhood
Kerry's other neighbors say she's been terrorizing them for over 12 years. Fearing retaliation, they join Dr. Phil via satellite from their cul-de-sac.



Can the neighbors ever put out the welcome mat again?



A Dirty Dilemma

Misty says her neighbors, Donna and Larry, have a faulty, smelly septic tank that floods her property. Donna and Larry say the problem is not the water from their tank, but Misty's uneven driveway.



Will their relationship stay afloat?