A bride-to-be takes on her future mother-in-law in an ugly feud that has torn a family apart. Can Dr. Phil cut through the drama and broker some peace for this family?



A Rocky Start

Michelle says she cannot stand her future mother-in-law, Jane. She thinks Jane wants a relationship with her son, Jay, that is "sick and inappropriate." Jane says Michelle is a cold-hearted "you-know-what" who has stolen her only son. She has been banned from the wedding.


"Unless you're going to hire a hitman or bouncers, I'll decide whether I'm going to be there."



Campaign of Hate Mail?

Dr. Phil reads the the hateful e-mails and messages that Michelle and Jane have been sending back and forth. Are they justified in the things they've said to each other? Dr. Phil gets into the middle of this meltdown.


Jay faces his mother for the first time in four months.



A Family Divided

Because Jay and Michelle won't allow Jane to attend the nuptials, Jay's aunt, Gail, has disowned him. His cousin, Jesse, has stepped down as best man, and his uncle, David, says he won't step foot anywhere near the wedding. 


"He will sacrifice his mother to avoid offending Michelle."



A Hidden Cost?

Michelle's mother, Shannon, agrees with her daughter that Jane acts like a jealous ex-girlfriend and goes out of her way to sabotage her son's relationship. The mothers face off, and Dr. Phil has some hard questions for Michelle.


"What is it that you think you're going to win in this power play?"



Update: See the follow up with this family.