Dr. Phil follows up with a story that millions of viewers found disturbing. Brandon, 25, confessed to having sex with a 15-year-old girl while still married to Emily. Now, he's involved with another minor, and his wife says she's had enough.  


See what happened on the first show.



A Violent Turn?

After the last show, Emily says Brandon punched her, gave her a concussion and bruised her arms. She says she didn't trust Brandon with their 2-year-old, so she filed for a protective order against him. Brandon says Emily is a liar, and she's using their child as a pawn. 

"He's abusive and a sexual predator, and I don't trust him one bit."



On the Road to Redemption?

Because of Emily's protective order against him, Brandon meets with Dr. Phil alone. Find out why Brandon says he's a changed man, and why he believes that he's the victim in all this.  


Is Brandon a danger to his family? 



Her Side of the Story

Emily responds to some of Brandon's serious allegations, and explains why she's reluctant to divorce her husband. 


 "Did you molest him?"



Onstage Showdown

Brandon squares off with Emily's sister, Julie, who says she's fed up with his lies and manipulation. Are her accusations founded, or has Brandon turned his life around?



Don't miss Dr. Phil's strong warning for Brandon.


On the Brink of Breaking Up?

Lynn and Alex became famous on CBS' hit show The Amazing Race. The gay couple fought and schemed their way across several continents, but now they're fighting to save their union. Alex calls Lynn lazy and spoiled, and Lynn says Alex is a control freak.


Can their relationship be saved, or should they or call it quits?