Teresa and her nieces, Danie and Stephanie, say they are all concerned for Kami, Teresa’s sister and the young women’s mother. They say she has been abusing drugs for a decade and that her drug addiction has had a severe effect on her mental health.
“Because of her drug abuse, I 100% believe my sister has a mental illness,” Teresa says.

“My mom’s made very outrageous claims, saying that her ex-boyfriend is part of a cult. He’s trying to kill her, sneaking women up into the attic, that he’s feeding my mom my grandma’s ashes and that he’s drugging her, beating her and filming her,” Stephanie adds. “My mom thinks that her ex planted a chip inside her and is tracking her every move.”
In the video above from Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear Kami describe what’s going on inside her mind.
And on Thursday’s episode, will Kami decide it’s time to accept help? Plus, find out what happens after the show that could jeopardize Kami’s chance at sobriety -- and future with her family. Check here to see where you can watch.