Jordan claims that her fiancé, Kyle, has caused bruises on her arms and legs, which she says she gets from a martial arts type move they call a “take down.” Jordan claims that, as a result of the alleged abuse, which Kyle adamantly denies, she’s now questioning whether she should call off their wedding – and she’s looking to Dr. Phil for advice.

“He absolutely, unequivocally does not acknowledge that anything he is doing with you physically is inappropriate,” Dr. Phil tells Jordan, after speaking with the couple. “The two of you know what’s going on behind closed doors. You know what’s going on. You know what he does or doesn’t do to you, and he is telling you by his yardstick and his standard, that that is OK. That what he’s doing to you, that [by] his definition of abuse, this just doesn’t meet it.”

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“Which means that is what you’re going to get going forward -- whatever it is,” Dr. Phil continues. “If it’s nothing, you have nothing to worry about. If it’s what you’re telling me that you’ve been getting, then that’s what you’re signing up for going forward.”

“You seriously think I’m physically abusing you? Honestly? I want your honest opinion,” Kyle pleads with Jordan.
Watch the video above as Jordan responds, and as Dr. Phil asks Jordan if she has the information she needs to decide whether or not she still thinks she and Kyle should marry.

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This episode of Dr. Phil airs Tuesday.