“I’ve been a chronic alcoholic forever,” says Marna who claims she began abusing alcohol at the age of 15 to help her cope with issues from her childhood. “I drink to forget. I drink – so I don’t have to feel anymore.”

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Describing her drinking habits, Marna says when she wakes up each morning, the first thing she does is look in the refrigerator, and then her “hiding places” to make sure she has alcohol. “And if I can’t find them – then I panic.” She says she consumes a liter (or more) of liquor every day.

Marna claims to have blackouts and memory issues when she drinks; and anger, shaking and even twitching when she doesn’t consume alcohol. She also admits she uses alcohol as a sedative, sometimes drinking until she passes out. Marna says, “My biggest fear is that I’m going to die.”

On Friday’s Dr. Phil, Marna’s daughter, Kristin, says her mother is “a sloppy drunk who loves drama and attention.” And though she accuses Marna of exaggerating and even “faking” some of her behaviors for the camera, she claims her mother’s drinking, attention seeking behaviors, and a year-long prison term when Kristin was only 9, didn’t just embarrass her - they ruined her childhood. She recently cut Marna out of her life, saying her “out of control drinking” and “constant drama” disrupts family functions even today.

Will Marna accept help before it’s too late? Tune in to Friday's episode.

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