Chris and Jessica insist that despite being severe alcoholics, they are “great” parents to their 6-year-old daughter and have gone out of their way to shield her from their drinking. However, the young girl is currently living with Chris’ parents, who have temporary guardianship. But Chris and Jessica claim Chris’ parents stole their daughter from them and forced them to sign over their rights.

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While the couple claims that their daughter doesn’t need protection from them, when Dr. Phil cameras arrive at their home to interview them, they are both so intoxicated that Jessica threw up, and Chris was groaning.

WATCH: Couple Claims Son And Daughter-In-Law Parent And Drive Drunk

Watch what happens in the video above. What does Jessica blame her behavior on? And, see what happens with Chris when Dr. Phil cameras return the next day to attempt to film again.

After watching footage of their behavior, will Chris and Jessica stand by their position that they are “great” parents and that drinking does not place their daughter in danger? See what happens on Wednesday’s episode. Check here to see where you can watch.

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