Barbara says she wants to spend the rest of her life with a man she met online, whom she calls “David Chris Jr.”

As it turns out, Barbara didn’t meet "David" on a dating site. Instead, she says her “cousin” sent her a private message on social media, with a link to "David’s" page purporting to offer government grants.

“She came on and asked me if I had heard about this government grant. And I said no. And she was telling me, I don’t remember how much money she got, but she said she was trying to figure out what to do with all the money,” Barbara tells Dr. Phil.

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“Did you pick up the phone and call her right away to say, ‘Tell me more about this’?” Dr. Phil asks.

“No, we messaged back and forth,” Barbara says. “She said you should get ahold of him.”

So how well does Barbara know this cousin who sent her the message on social media?

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“Actually, I’ve never met her,” she admits.

Now, a year later, Barbara says she’s fallen in love with "David" – enticed in part by a photo she says is the only photo she has of her "David Chris, Jr." – and has sent him approximately $5,000, despite the fact they’ve never met and have only communicated online and through text message.

Watch the video above as Barbara talks about the government grants she says "David" claimed he could get her, how much money he asked for, and why Dr. Phil says something doesn’t quite add up to "David’s" story.

This episode of Dr. Phil airs Monday.