Brian “The Bull” Barbosa is a two-time Interim World Middleweight boxing champion who says he lives with depression, childhood trauma, substance abuse, and traumatic brain injury from his time in the ring. His fiancée, Gina, says that Brian also has paranoia, severe memory loss, and a temper that causes abusive behaviors.

Dr. Phil sends Brian to see Dr. Bradley Jabour, CEO and Chief of Radiology at Medical Imaging Center of Southern California, and an expert on impact trauma. Dr. Jabour says there is evidence that Brian has a loss of executive brain function, including memory loss, impulse control issues, and poor decision-making skills.

“It’s depressing for me,” says Brian. “I’m disappointed that this is going on in my life.”

Dr. Jabour says there are available treatments that can help Brian regain some of his lost cognitive function. Tune in to Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “The Beauty and The Boxer,” to learn more.

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