Gina claims her 18-year-old daughter, Alexis, was “taken” from her home in the middle of the night by her boyfriend, David, a claim both David and Alexis plainly deny. David is an admitted survivalist who says he has an arsenal of weapons, and Gina says she believes David is brainwashing her daughter.


“Three weeks after Alexis met David on Facebook — and only once in person — Alexis left in the middle of the night to go live with him. I believe that David kidnapped Alexis,” Gina says, which both David and Alexis say is ridiculous, stating that Alexis was 18 and went voluntarily with him. “David has told Alexis her whole entire life has been built on lies, that I am a very controlling, manipulative person ... He’s trying to turn Alexis against her whole entire family,” claims Gina.

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However, David says that Gina has no one to blame but herself when it comes to Alexis leaving home.


“I am not controlling. I think it’s the other way around; I think Gina is the one trying to brainwash her,” says 19-year-old David, who is adamant that he did not kidnap Alexis. “I never forced her into the vehicle. She said she wanted me to come pick her up. I pulled up to her house, and she got in the car. It was her choice alone, and it was a legal choice; she’s 18.”

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After speaking with Alexis about the circumstances in which she left her house, Dr. Phil tells Gina that he’s not convinced that her daughter was kidnapped.


“As I’m asking the kidnappee, it sounds to me like this was a dialogue between the two of them,” he says to Gina. “Kidnapping is when you, like, put a bag over someone’s head, and you carry them and put them, like, in the trunk, and you drive them away against their will and hold them against their will.”


Dr. Phil continues, “Words are very powerful. Did he kidnap your daughter?”


“In my eyes, yes, I believe they did,” she says. “This is not Alexis. This is nothing she would ever do.”

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In the video above, Dr. Phil attempts to get to the truth. “I’m trying to find out whether you are an over-reactive, hyperbole-describing histrionic mother, or, if  your daughter was, in fact, kidnapped, and we have the son-of-a-bitch here and need to throw the cuffs on him,” he says to her.


On Tuesday’s episode, Gina and her husband face off with David. And on Wednesday, more accusations surface and the story takes another twisted turn. Check here to see where you can watch.