Alisa and her older sister, Amy, claim that between the ages of 11 and 13, Alisa was abused by at least three of their mother, Tammy’s, adult male friends. The sisters also claim Tammy not only knew about the abuse – she witnessed some of it - and failed to put a stop to it.

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On Thursday’s Dr. Phil, two eyewitnesses make statements supporting the sisters’ claims that Tammy refused to get the authorities involved after Amy and her friends walked in on a family friend allegedly assaulting a (then) 12-year-old Alisa on the living room sofa – a few feet from Tammy’s bedroom.

“You’re the mother - why did you not pick up the phone and call police,” asks Dr. Phil.“ You just had a man enter your home and molest your child.”

“I can’t tell you why ... I don’t know,” she responds.

What does Dr. Phil say to Tammy when she admits she failed to make a report after Alisa told her she’d been raped – and impregnated – at age 15?

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