Erik, 32, was living with his mom when she found out he was using heroin. "At first she was very angry about it," he says. "But I sensed that the anger was more curiosity." So he asked her, "Are you so pissed because you want to try it?"

He and his mom, Kathy, have been doing heroin together ever since. Watch their story in the video above.

"I feel guilty about introducing heroin to my mother's life," admits Erik, who says his mom begs him for heroin as soon as she wakes up. "I hate everything about it. You wouldn't want to introduce this to your worst enemy, let alone your mother."

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Erik decided to travel to Los Angeles by bus -- so that he could bring heroin with him -- where he is confronted by Dr. Phil. 

"Who introduced your mother to heroin?" Dr. Phil asks.


"Who gives it to her every day?"


"Who's her dealer?"


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Will this mother and son get the help they need? Watch more on Monday's episode of Dr. Phil -- check local listings here.