Just two hours after giving birth to her son, Kristina says her family was ripped apart.

“The day that we had our child was one of the best days of our lives and also the worst day of our lives,” she says. “That was the last day we were able to be a family.”

Kristina says shortly after giving birth, Child Protective Services visited her in the hospital and told her that her boyfriend, Jayson, must leave the hospital immediately and have no contact with their newborn son.

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“CPS said Jayson has been accused of sexually molesting his daughter and his son,” Kristina explains. “Some of the things that I was told were some of the most heinous things that you could ever possibly think of an adult doing with a child. It made me physically sick to my stomach.”

Kristina says when she first met Jayson, it was “love at first sight.” Within two weeks of their first meeting, Kristina says she let Jayson move in with her and her two sons.

While Kristina says she was aware Jayson – who adamantly denies the findings against him – had lost his parental rights to his four children from a previous relationship, she claims he never mentioned the abuse claims.

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“Jayson told me that he had lost the rights to his four children because of his ex-wife being neglectful,” Kristina says.

Jayson, however, insists he told Kristina about the molestation findings against him.

“I don’t know if she’s lying or doesn’t remember, but I did show her the paperwork from CPS,” Jayson claims. “I did not know that CPS was going to remove the child if I had another child with another woman.”

However, Kristina says that according to CPS, Jayson knew he would not be allowed to have any more children – which she says she learned while in the hospital.

“The CPS worker told me that Jayson was aware that if he had any other children after his four previous children, that they automatically would be taken away from him. He never mentioned that to me,” Kristina adds. “I was devastated.”

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It was then, Kristina says, that she was faced with a difficult choice of choosing between her son and the man she’s in love with.

“CPS gave me a choice. They said if I don’t sign the piece of paper that would keep Jayson out of my son’s life, they would have to take custody of all three of my children,” she says. “Jayson hasn’t seen his son now for two-and-a-half months.”

Now, Kristina says she’s searching for the “truth.”

“I believe that CPS made up these allegations to take his children away from him,” she adds. “I’m still in love with him even today.”

On Thursday’s Dr. Phil, Kristina and Jayson discuss the findings against him. Plus, hear from Kristina’s mother, Mary, who claims Jayson threatened to kill her and blow up her house.

And, in part two, Jayson takes a polygraph exam regarding the molestation accusations. What will the results reveal?