Lisa says her son, Maverick, has struggled to read since he was 6 years old. She says Maverick’s reading challenges made her feel helpless and caused him to feel embarrassed. When Maverick was 9, they learned he had dyslexia. 

“The OrCam was a game changer for us. I’ve never seen him happy to read before,” Lisa says.

“When I use the OrCam Read device, it helps me to pronounce the words right when I’m reading, and it can help me read faster,” says Maverick, now 11.

Lisa, Maverick, and Dr. Raymond Heipp, an expert in general and special needs education from School Health Corporation and OrCam Read volunteer spokesperson, join Dr. Phil on Monday’s episode. Learn how the OrCam Read works and how it can help people with reading challenges, like dyslexia, to read independently and have more confidence in school and life.

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