Chris and Jessica admit they are severe alcoholics and spend a large portion of their day drunk and incapacitated. However, the couple insists their drinking doesn’t affect their 6-year-old daughter and that they’ve never put her in danger.

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Chris' family says otherwise. His parents claim Chris and Jessica have driven drunk with their daughter in the car and that they were so concerned about their granddaughter’s well-being, they had Chris and Jessica sign over temporary guardianship to them.

Chris’ aunt Janet says she’s also seen firsthand the couple’s out-of-control drunken behavior. She says Chris was “trashed” and “falling over” during a family event. And she recounts an incident where she claims Chris had to call the paramedics because Jessica passed out in the bathtub. Both, she claims, occurred in front of their little girl.

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After listening to Chris' parents and Janet describe Chris and Jessica’s behavior and speaking with the couple, Dr. Phil reiterates to the couple why they are currently incapable of caring for their daughter. Hear his powerful message in the video above.

After watching footage of their behavior, will Chris and Jessica stand by their position that they are “great” parents and that drinking does not place their daughter in danger? See what happens on Wednesday’s episode. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Will Alcoholic Parents Agree To Extend Guardianship Agreement And Allow Grandparents To Continue Raising Their Daughter?