Stephen, 20, claims his parents have been physically, verbally and mentally abusive toward him since he was a child.

His parents, Steve and Christine, completely deny their son’s accusations and, instead, say he is the one who has been out of control. So much so, in fact, they claim they’ve had to call the cops several times for help.

“A lot of the times, they would call and simply say, ‘My son is out of control,’ Stephen says.
“Were you?” Dr. Phil asks the young man.

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“No. I would be angry because of how they were treating me, not because I was out of control, just some lunatic that’s freaking out for no reason,” Stephen responds. “It was due to years of abuse.”

So what were the real reasons for the police to be called to the family’s home time after time?

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Watch the video above as Dr. Phil goes over a list of documented incidents inside the home – and see how Stephen responds to the incidents described.

This episode of Dr. Phil airs Wednesday.