Suzanne claims her “identical twin,” Michelle, died in July 2016 after battling cancer. She also asserts that she is the executor of Michelle’s estate.

Ryan says he’s been waiting for Suzanne to turn over an Audi S8 and a ring he claims Michelle left him when she died; but attorney William B. Dawson says he has serious legal questions about the document she’s claiming was Michelle’s will.

“I would think there’d be a lot of issues for him to overcome and trying to recover property that is distributed under such a document,” says Dawson.

Amid questions surrounding Suzanne’s identity and the validity of Michelle’s will, new wrinkles in Suzanne’s story are exposed when Dr. Phil examines photos of the car and ring Ryan says Michelle promised him.


“I own some cars, but I don’t keep any of them at the mall,” says Dr. Phil, pointing to a photo of the Audi, which appears to be on display behind stanchions.

“No, she was very proud and she wanted to put it on display at somewhere,” replies Suzanne. Then after a moment, “She was trying to show it off to all her friends at Indian Wells.” Suzanne claims she drove the vehicle after Michelle’s death; put it in storage, took it to Las Vegas, and later sold it.

When asked why the very same photo of what Suzanne claims is Michelle’s ring was also found on a jeweler’s website, Suzanne doesn’t answer directly. She claims the initials: CTR, from the LDS (Latter-day Saints) church motto “Choose the Right” are engraved inside the ring that belonged to her sister.

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