Taylor says she’s “trying to figure out how to be in this world.” She claims she suffers from anxiety and depression and has an eating disorder, and struggles to get out of bed. She says she has no purpose or passion and feels undeserving of being alive.
Dr. Phil tells her she could change her life by answering a two-word question.

“What if?” Dr. Phil says to Taylor. “What if you had a plan to start requiring more of yourself every day? What if you started holding yourself accountable? What if you decided to behave your way to success?”
Hear more from Dr. Phil -- including the one piece of advice that could change Taylor’s life right now – in the video above.
Is Taylor willing to put in the work to change her life? See what happens on Tuesday’s episode, "What’s Behind Taylor’s Alleged Flashbacks?” Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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