Audrey says her ex-husband was controlling and jealous, but she never thought he would try and kill her, as he had never laid a hand on her. However, she says that’s exactly what happened one afternoon when she returned home.

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“As soon as I opened the door is when he bum-rushed me stark naked with a butcher knife,” Audrey says, adding that he tried to rape her before striking her in the head with a hammer four times. “He threw gasoline at me, grabbed a candle and tossed the candle at me, and I went up in flames.”

Seventeen surgeries and nine procedures later, Audrey joins Dr. Phil with a message for Jourdon, who says she is in a verbally and physically abusive relationship.

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“She is in imminent danger. She is only one attack away from death,” Audrey says on Friday’s episode.

Hear more in the video above, and see Jourdon and her boyfriend’s reaction.

This episode airs Friday. Watch more here.

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