Linda says she owned and operated a successful “spa” business with two locations for more than 20 years before being caught up in a “large sting operation” that shut the enterprise down for good. Arrested for promotion of prostitution and racketeering, the former madam also admits to being heavily dependent on drugs.

“I was doing between $200 and $300 of cocaine a day,” she says. “About a third of my income was going toward drugs.”

Linda says she lost her marriage and her family when she went to jail and only her daughter, Emily, was there to help her when she got out. Emily says she has dedicated her life to taking care of Linda, and now she has nothing left to give.

“Now I resent her more for having to take care of her – not because of her past,” says Emily, who admits she has a hard time telling Linda no.

When Dr. Phil asks, “Do you think what you’re doing is helping your mother?” how does Emily respond?

This episode, ‘“My Mother The Ex-Madam,’” airs Wednesday. Check your local listing to find out.

Read more about Linda and Emily’s story in “Fallen Woman The True Story of Linda May Spencer: Madam, Maven, Mother,” Available wherever books are sold.

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