Critical Race Theory (CRT) is, broadly speaking, the idea that racism is so entrenched in the fabric of the history, laws and policies of the United States that it’s impossible to eradicate it without first acknowledging that we still live in a racist society. It is a divisive topic that has pitted parents and educators against each other all over the country.

“I think lots of parents and uninformed Americans are conflating conversations about structural and systemic racism with Critical Race Theory, and they’re lumping it all under the umbrella of Critical Race Theory,” says Dr. Shaun Harper, Race and Equity Director at the University of Southern California. Having taught the subject at the graduate level for over 13 years, he argues that the idea of CRT being taught in K-12 schools is a “boogeyman” and “not real.”

Why is Critical Race Theory so divisive?

Tune in to Wednesday’s episode, “Critical Race Theory: A Nation Divided,” as Dr. Phil talks to parents, educators, and others from all sides of the equation about this polarizing topic.

And later, find out why Derrick Wilburn, the leader of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, claims that CRT is keeping racism alive.

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