Kim claims her grandson was being raised in a home with maggots, moldy baby bottles and dirty dishes, so she says she was forced to step in and take guardianship of the child.

Kim’s son and his fiancée, parents of the baby, say Kim tricked them into signing permanent guardianship over to her when the baby was 6 months old, and now claim Kim won’t return the child unless they meet what they describe as her “outrageous” demands.

What happens when Dr. Phil steps into the mix, and who does he think the child should end up with?

Living With Mold, Maggots? Grandma Claims Son, Fiancée ‘Unfit’ To Raise Grandson

Parents Claim Grandma Tricked Them Into Signing Over Custody Of Their Child To Her
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Grandmother’s List Of Demands For Son, Fiancée To Regain Custody Of Their Child

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