As the COVID-19 pandemic takes over the world and our lives, there are ways to maintain a positive and productive mindset during this challenging time.

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First, Dr. Phil suggests limiting the amount of time you watch TV or read the news. He suggests only doing a check-in twice a day with a carefully chosen source. He also suggests spending time doing a project.

“Robin came up with a great one the other day, and I’ve mentioned it a couple times because it’s so good, and that is photo albuming,” he says. “Even seeing the face of a loved one when you’re in isolation lowers your stress, takes away loneliness, and helps you as far as your immune system is concerned.”

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In the video above, Life Coach Mike Bayer offers more tips for staying positive. And, psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy suggests ideas for relaxing.
On Friday, Dr. Phil, along with Dr. Sophy and Coach Mike, answers viewers’ questions, including how to handle the coronavirus quarantine while managing anxiety and children, marriage, sobriety and more. Check here to see where you can watch.