With multiple arrests, a well-publicized cocaine overdose and a near-fatal motorcycle crash, Hollywood star Gary Busey has made headlines over the years for more than just his acting abilities.

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“I feel like everyone has misjudged him, and everyone has a preconceived idea of who Gary is,” says the actor’s wife, Steffanie Sampson, in the video above.

“And they don’t know what he’s been through. They don’t know what his brain has been through. I’m honestly sick of it,” she adds.

At 74, Gary Busey has been living with traumatic brain injury (TBI) since 1988 after fracturing his skull in a motorcycle accident.

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Of his wife, Gary says,” She’s so good for me in moderating my behavior. She’s a beautiful partner in every way.”

On Wednesday's episode, Gary and Steffanie visit the Dr. Phil stage to discuss Gary’s recently published autobiography,“Buseyisms: Gary Busey’s Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth” in which he shares memories of childhood, stories from of his five decades in Hollywood and his own perspectives and philosophies on life.

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What Gary Busey Says About His Traumatic Brain Injury

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What Gary Busey Says About His Traumatic Brain Injury