Actor Orlando Brown made a name for himself as a child and later, teenager, playing roles on television shows like Moesha, The Jamie Foxx Show, and as the character Eddie on the Disney Channel’s That’s So Raven. Today, the 30-year-old former child star’s friends report that he is in a downward spiral that has left him in trouble with the law.

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The actor admits to drinking a lot, heavily medicating with marijuana and taking crystal meth in the past. “Just the influence and the demons that come with that drug kind of took over,” he says.

WATCH ‘His Whole Life Is In Shambles Right Now,’ Says Friend Of ‘That’s So Raven’ Actor Orlando Brown

In the video above, Orlando tells Dr. Phil that he’s been sober for four years, but his friends say that’s not true and they fear for his life.

On Friday’s episode Orlando’s friend and manager Solomon Barron says, “He’s burned so many bridges no one wants to deal with him. If you can’t help, he does not have a chance.”

Will Orlando agree to enter treatment?

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